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The Armenian Sanatorium was initially founded on July 1st of 1923 at Maameltein beyond Jounieh consisting of thirty patients, under the auspices of the three religious heads of the Armenian Community in Lebanon (the Apostolic, Evangelical and Catholic). The latter, however withdrew in 1931.

Presently, the institution belongs to the Catholicosate of Cilicia and the Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches of Near East.

During its fifteen years of existence at Maameltein, the Sanatorium organized its services. Sub-Committees were formed in larger cities of the Middle East, Europe and America, to raise funds. Catholicos Sahag II of Cilicia initiated a “Sanatorium Fund Collection Day” in his Encyclical on the 22nd December of 1931.


Financial support

The Armenian Sanatorium is a charitable, non-profit organization. The main support comes from the Lebanese Ministry of Health, the Armenian-American Medical Philanthropic Fund in New York, naturally, individual donors in the Armenian community also help out on occasions for the continuity of the institution.