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About The Sanatorium

The Armenian Sanatorium is a charitable, non-profit organization founded on July 1st, 1923 in Lebanon. Presently, the institution belongs to the Catholicossate of Cilicia and the Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches of Near East.

Presently, the institution belongs to the Catholicossate of Cilicia and the Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches of Near East.

The Armenian Sanatorium is a charitable, non-profit organization.  It is financially supported by the Armenian community in Lebanon, the American Armenian Medical and Philanthropic Fund in New York, the Jinishian Memorial Program, sister charitable organizations and individual donors.

During the fifteen years of its existence at Maameltein, the Sanatorium organized its services so as to arouse the interest of Armenians all over the world.  Sub-Committees were formed in larger cities of Middle East, Europe and America, to raise funds.  Catholicos Sahag II of Cilicia initiated a “Sanatorium Fund Collection Day” in his Encyclical of 22 December, 1931. 

As the needs grew, a campaign was started to collect funds for the building of a larger Sanatorium.  The first large donation came from Mr. & Mrs. Dicran Taylor of California, U.S.A.  Many contributions followed, and a land was purchased in the village of Azounieh – half way between Mdeyrij and Ain-Zhalta, at an altitude of about 1000 meters from sea level, with a healthy and dry air, surrounded by splendid views of mountains and valleys overlooking the Baruk Cedars.  The main building was started in 1937, and on August 12th, 1938, the Sanatorium was moved from Maameltein to its new center at Azounieh.

In course of years, many new buildings were added, a chapel was built, a third floor was added upon the main building and at present the Sanatorium extends over a land with an area of 19 hectars.  Among the largest buildings are found:

  • The Main Building
  • The Semerjian building.
  • Friends of Armenian Building.
  • Dr. H. Keklikian Building.
  • Los Angeles Building
  • Gulbenkian Building
  • Canteen & Cafeteria
  • Chapel

The Sanatorium has an operating room, X-Ray room, Laboratory, O.P.D. clinics, Pharmacy, and electric power plant and other modern conveniences.

The office in Bourdj Hammoud coordinates the administrative load of the institution.  The medical and administrative staff, totaling 70, are all dedicated, hard-working doctors, nurses and employees.

The Armenian Sanatorium of Azounieh has served all the people in the Middle East.  Nearly half of its patients have been non-Armenians from many surrounding countries, as well as from Lebanon, such as from Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, etc.  In the past Iraqui and Saudi Arabian Governments have maintained beds for their respective destitude patients. However, after the Lebanese Civil Was the Sanatorium does not receive patients from these countries. 

The Armenian Sanatorium, presently is the only hospital in Leabnon treating chest diseases (75 beds).  It attends to patients from different nationalities.  The Sanatorium also includes a Geriatric Department, mainly Armenians (100 beds) and Emergency Care Unit.

This institution is the expression of our heart-felt gratitude to the Lebanese people who welcomed the Armenian survivors after the first world war.

 In 2007 the Armenian Sanatorium celebrated its 85th Anniversary.


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